In honor of CES, here’s last years discussion on the “world’s most powerful game console,” the iGUGU Gamecore.


A short clip about Ludwig’s visit to the barber.

jpXsg season 2 rolls on with this clip from episode 146 of the Joystiq Podcast. Also, this marks the first appearance of Bob Ball reading emails. Remember to share this with friends via Twitter and Facebook!

jpXsg returns with the gang de-railing the show with a discussion on bagels.

This episode also marks the beginning of jpXsg season 2! I figured that I took the summer off, so its like a tv show. Look out for more episodes soon.

CREATORS: Here’s a link to the new intro video. Link
For now till the end of the season (I don’t know when I will end it) please use this as your intro. Thanks!

Hey everybody, its been awhile. Here’s a video made by the jpag’s Jaxon Gluck

The title clip from Joystiq Podcast episode 145

The brothers discuss Keanu Reeves rom-coms, whoa.

After a long absence, I have returned to bringing you the funny. In this episode, the gang answers some tips of the week.