Some funny talk on Transformers and Ebay. Coincidentally, jpXsg videos that have the word, Ludwig, in the title seem to get more hits than others. I will be monitoring this to see if this pattern holds true. So, to all you Luddy fans, be sure to share this on the twitters and facebooks. Also, have you subscribed on youtube yet? You don’t want to miss out on the sweet, sweet jpXsg goodness while its fresh.



jpXsg season 2 rolls on with this clip from episode 146 of the Joystiq Podcast. Also, this marks the first appearance of Bob Ball reading emails. Remember to share this with friends via Twitter and Facebook!

MrSdiezal — May 10, 2010 — First off I must credit ‘dannythegaminggeek’ for providing the clips and tutorial on how to do this, thus making this video even possible in the first place – THANKS!

This is my first JPXSG clip from Ep. 66 where the crew reads an email about a Star Wars Wii game accessory and Justin goes on a rant about fetishists and TANG.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! 🙂

The jpXsg Tutorial

April 4, 2010

You want to make your own jpXsg video and help contribute to Animate Zero? Well read on and get some insight on how these nuggets of joy are produced.

What you will need:

Audio Editing:


LAME MP3 plug in for Audacity:

Video Editing:

Windows Movie Maker, pre-installed on most copies of Windows.

The Cartoon Planet Video Packs:

Cartoon Planet Video Pack

Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 1

Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 2

*Optional* Basic graphics editing:

Adobe Photoshop/The Gimp/MS Paint, etc

Step One, Finding the right clip.
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Attention all jpXsg creators! The Easter bunny told me to give you this new collection of fun clips for you to use! So get to work on project Animate Zero!

Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 2