The brothers discuss Keanu Reeves rom-coms, whoa.


After a long absence, I have returned to bringing you the funny. In this episode, the gang answers some tips of the week.

MrSdiezal — May 10, 2010 — First off I must credit ‘dannythegaminggeek’ for providing the clips and tutorial on how to do this, thus making this video even possible in the first place – THANKS!

This is my first JPXSG clip from Ep. 66 where the crew reads an email about a Star Wars Wii game accessory and Justin goes on a rant about fetishists and TANG.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! 🙂

ILikePopCans – Finally, a long month of doing this on and off, I got this done.
Its the intro to Holiday Funanza 2009, where Justin lays down a awesome song for us all.

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