The McElroy brothers get the party started.


Brian Gobien on Facebook created this bit for the Animate Zero Project. One of the goals of Animate Zero is to use Episode Zero as a breeding ground for creative ideas, and Brian has done that. He took a clip from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and turned it into this little gem for us to enjoy. Thanks Brian!

bgobien: My first entry in the animate episode zero project for the Joystiq Podcast. This clip is done in the style of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. Thanks to Danny Lujan for all his great clips, and inspiring me to make my own.

Nathan Foster has fired the first shot in this Animate Zero Project. Thanks Nathan! If you want to contribute, check out the “JPAG Project: Animating Episode Zero” thread on the JPAG!

The first of many animations for The Joystiq Podcast: Episode Zero: The Movie.

In this episode, the gang receive an email asking for an episode that explains the in-jokes that have come to pass over the years of the Poyodcast.

This video was inspired by Danny Lujan’s JPXSG video’s along with his Joystiq LIVE Intro.

The original audio is from Episode 94 – Just Riffin’ Edition, with the intro song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

The jpXsg Tutorial

April 4, 2010

You want to make your own jpXsg video and help contribute to Animate Zero? Well read on and get some insight on how these nuggets of joy are produced.

What you will need:

Audio Editing:


LAME MP3 plug in for Audacity:

Video Editing:

Windows Movie Maker, pre-installed on most copies of Windows.

The Cartoon Planet Video Packs:

Cartoon Planet Video Pack

Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 1

Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 2

*Optional* Basic graphics editing:

Adobe Photoshop/The Gimp/MS Paint, etc

Step One, Finding the right clip.
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Attention all jpXsg creators! The Easter bunny told me to give you this new collection of fun clips for you to use! So get to work on project Animate Zero!

Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 2

ILikePopCans (aka Hog Robbrer), messaged me today with his jpXsg. I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and been talking a lot about it recently, so it was a little ironic when ILikePopCans jpXsg went up. Anyway, enjoy it!

From episode 110 of the Joystiq Podcast, Justin talks about the new show in his hometown. This is my first jpXsg, hope you enjoy!

Created by ILikePopCans (also known as Hog Robbrer)
Help from dannythegaminggeek –