Joystiq Podcast X Space Ghost – JAYSUN

March 9, 2010

Today’s episode is brought to you by JPAGer Kyle Collis. Great work, Kyle! If you want to make your own jpXsg, check out these previous posts:

So You Want to Make Your Own jpXsg Episode?

The Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 1

My first foray into the realm of Joystiq Podcast X Space Ghost. This week: JAYSUN! Thanks to jpXsg creator Danny Lujan (dannythegaminggeek) for the clips and the help.


3 Responses to “Joystiq Podcast X Space Ghost – JAYSUN”

  1. technoKyle Says:

    Hurrah! I’m Internet famous! By the way, there’s no ‘n’ in my surname. Other than that, sterling work with the post, my good man.

  2. I fixed the post, thanks for bringing it up!

  3. technoKyle Says:

    Cheers mate.

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