Here’s the intro to Joystiq Live that took place March 27, 2010 at PAX East 2010.


This is a little bit different and its one of my favorite clips. It comes from the E3 2009 edition of the Joystiq Podcast, and stars’s Mike Schramm recounting the Burrito of Fate.

Another fine jpXsg by YouTuber, ThePunchFalcon (Rush Walsh).

JPxSG from episode 57. A personal favorite Joystiq Podcast moment.

Lots of activity tonight! This guest video was made by Chris Viola, and its a super 2 part video of the original Spot the Real Wii or DS game.

Justin McElroy (Brak) quizzes Chris Grant (Space Ghost) to find out if he can determine if the “games” he names really were announced at a Nintendo Press Conference in March of 2009 or if they are just products of Justin’s twisted imagination! Ludwig Kietzmann (Zorak) is also along for the ride!

Thanks to dannythegaminggeek for providing the Cartoon Planet clips, and Joystiq for the fantastic podcast!

Part 1: (Part 2 after the jump)

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Justin, Luddy and Griffin play a round of Spot the Real Wii or DS Game.

Clayton’s back with a swinging edition of the jpXsg.

Joystiq Podcast x Space Ghost: Chris Ghost, Justin McBrak, and Zorwig discuss the new Bionic Commando.

Woah, its a one two punch of guest videos today! Here’s Taylor Bliss’ first jpXsg!

My first attempt at a JPxSG. I chose a recent funny moment purely out of my own laziness. Hope you enjoy. Many thanks to Danny Lujan, not only for the clips for the helpful advice along the way.