I ran across YouTube user, Cartoon Nothing’s jpXsg today. It’s good, even though Justin and Ludwig switch bodies throughout.

Inspired by Danny Lujan (dannythegaminggeek) who starting this whole cross-over whammy-shmammy. That was just some word I made up for no reason. 🙂


So it had to happen. Special thanks to Ludwig for making me stay up after work to get this done. From episode 129 – JPXSG edition, here’s the discussion on the Joystiq Podcast X Space Ghost.

YouTube user, Ntar0, messaged me this video and its so good that I nearly woke up my sleeping daughter with laughter. You guys are awesome!

Based on audio clip from Joystiq Podcast Canfax 720 Edition. Much thanks to Joystiq and Danny for providing the tools. This is my first kind of video. Hope you like.

Hey all jpXsgers. I spent some time working on new clips for the show, add these to the previously released collection. I was able to get more Cartoon Planet clips, added the Super Friends bumper, and some other surprises for you creators. As before, please credit me and upload your videos to a site where I can embed the video to this blog. Thanks!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/m4ziwdeibmt/Cartoon Planet Expansion Pack 1.rar

Thanks to Clayton for bringing us this episode of jpXsg where Ludwig reads the laments of an overprotective father.

Seventh JPXSG from Episode 104. Inspiration: Danny Lujan. Perspiration: Clayton Ashley Dedication: The Joystiq Podcast Transylvation: Uhh… Dracula? Blacksploitation: Lots

Classic moment from Episode 28, Ludwig tries out his American accent. Also my “signature” intro clip makes its debut.

Special thanks to David Grier (YouTube’s TheChumm) for this super sized edition of the jpXsg. Great job!